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the murlocs

Young Blindness

Young Blindness

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The Murlocs - Young Blindness

New 2024 pressing on ATO Records. Yellow and green vinyl with a red splatter. Young Blindness followed The Murlocs' 2014 debut LP "Loopholes", built upon a solid foundation of distorted licks and melodic intuition. The hearty compositions are emboldened by the distinct vocal tremolo of singer Ambrose Kenny-Smith. Lyrically, themes of young paranoia and self-doubt are viewed through a lens of experience, exploring the blurred meeting point with an air of blues-borne world-weariness.


  1. Happy Face
  2. Young Blindness
  3. Adolescence
  4. Rolling On
  5. Wolf Creep
  6. Compensation
  7. Unknown Disease
  8. Let Me Down Lightly
  9. Think Out Loud
  10. Improving Solutions
  11. Reassurance

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