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Teenage Gizzard (Vinyl Religion)

Teenage Gizzard (Vinyl Religion)

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"Her Parents Caught Us" JAPANESE OBI 180gm CREAM on PINK vinyl LP

"My Mate Stole My Joint" JAPANESE OBI 180gm YELLOW BLACK SMOKE vinyl LP

"Speeding On My P-Plates" JAPANESE OBI 180gm BLUE RED SWIRL/SPLATTER vinyl LP

The number of bundles will be limited to the total number of the release and whichever sells out first.

specs for each variant:

- Japanese OBI edition

- pressed on 180gm virgin vinyl with black poly lined inner sleeve

- matching labels to variant colourway

- matching back cover artwork colour to variant colourway

- hand numbered "Vinyl Religion" sticker on back of jacket, Gizzard Bootlegger sticker and Teengage Gizzard stickers on front

- exclusively distributed in Australia by Discrepancy Records

- please note: production vinyl colour and mix/specs may vary from pictures shown

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