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Dream Themes

Dream Themes

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Pipe-eye 'Dream Themes'

Pipe-eye’s fourth LP ‘Dream Themes’ takes a whole new direction from Cook Craig’s previous works. Experimenting with a fresh instrumental direction, the song’s charismatic melodies and driving grooves instil heavy vibes of nostalgia through a haze of warped tape. Conceptually the album is based around a collection of ’TV Themes’ with each song representing a theoretical television program intro derived from literal day-dreams.

  • High Fidelity 12" vinyl white wax at 33rpm
  • Green coke bottle clear wax
  • TV pullout deluxe cover
  • Custom 100% recyclable Brown Cardboard Sleeve

    A1 Chakra
    A2 Detective Dogington
    A3 Martina Catarina
    A4 World Of Travel

    B1 Ancient 5G Aliens
    B2 Action News With Ray Mar
    B3 Theme To A Dream
    B4 Oakhill Avenue
    B5 Let’s Get Married
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