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Live in London '19 (GIZZ'S PICK'S)

Live in London '19 (GIZZ'S PICK'S)

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Double LPs on NEON MAGENTA vinyl. King Gizzard live in London 2019. Pressed as loud as possible..get this on your decks loud, hot and frying!! OR use as giant lenses for "Rose" tinted sunglasses.. either way its gonna make your world a better place!!
Limited to 449 copies.

cat number: GPLP1

Side A
1. Evil Star (Live In London ’19)
2. Mars For The Rich (Live In London ’19)
3. I’m In Your Mind (Live In London ’19)
4. I’m Not In Your Mind (Live In London ’19)
5. Cellophane (Live In London ’19)
6. The Great Chain Of Being (Live In London ’19)

Side B
7. Plastic Boogie (Live In London ’19)
8. Crumbling Castle (Live In London ’19)
9. This Thing (Live In London ’19)

Side C
10. Boogieman Sam (Live In London ’19)
11. Mr. Beat (Live In London ’19)
12. Evil Death Roll (Live In London ’19)
13. Venusian 2 (Live In London ’19)

Side D
14. Planet B (Live In London ’19)
15. Rattlesnake (Live In London ’19)
16. Float Along - Fill Your Lungs (Live In London ’19)

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