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king gizzard and the lizard wizard

Butterfly 3000

Butterfly 3000

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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s 18th Studio Album “Butterfly 3000” on Vinyl.

Butterfly 3000 now in new languages! Cross-eyed Autostereogram cover and deluxe gatefold artwork by Jason Galea. Comes housed in a 100% recyclable custom paper sleeve as an alternative to single use shrink wrap. All variants come with a lucky dip of either Caterpillar Red Wax, Chrysalis Yellow Wax or Butterfly Blue Wax. 180 grams of vinyl.


  1. Yours 4:35
  2. Shanghai 4:01
  3. Dreams 4:04
  4. Blue Morpho 3:51
  5. Interior People 5:15
  6. Catching Smoke 6:28
  7. 2.02 Killer Year 3:19
  8. Black Hot Soup 5:12
  9. Ya Love 4:16
  10. Butterfly 3000 2:51

LEPTIR 3000 (Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide)

BORBOLETA 3000 (Limited to 2,500 copies worldwide)

FARFALLA 3000 (Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide)

KUPU-KUPU 3000 (Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide)

FJÄRIL 3000 (Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide)

ΠΕΤΑΛΟΥΔΑ 3000 (Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide)

MOTYL 3000 (Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide)

PAPILIO MMM (Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide)

PILI PALA 3000 (Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide)

나비 3000 (Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide)

BINDI-BINDI 3000 (Limited to 500 copies exclusive to Gizzverse AUS)**

BUTTERFLY 3000 (Limited to 1500 copies exclusive to Gizzverse US)


*Some “transition records” will exist - They are a marble of two colours and colour may vary to what is pictured. If you get one you’re very lucky.

**All net proceeds from the sale of the Noongar language version ( BINDI-BINDI 3000) will be donated to the Langford Aboriginal Association.

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