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Cosmic Blip

Cosmic Blip

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Pipe-eye 'Cosmic Blip' LP Extended Version Limited Edition Vinyl (reissue)

Released in 2015, Cosmic Blip is Pipe-eye’s (Cook Craig) debut record. The record flows seamlessly, blending esoteric pop derived songs and cold atmospheric space-like ambient soundscapes created on a Modular Synthesiser into an aural journey. The extended edition of Cosmic Blip features an elongated version of the interlude ambient tracks featured on the original EP pieced together from the old recording sessions and rediscovered audio, unifying them into a single ambient galactic voyage, as it should always have been. 

  • High fidelity 12" vinyl at 45rpm
  • Cosmic black wax with blue and white splatter
  • Re-mastered Extended Version
  • Custom 100% recyclable Brown Cardboard Sleeve


A1 Pipe-Space
A2 People Move Along
A3 Cosmic Blip I
A4 All That
A5 Cosmic Blip II
A6 Tick Tock
A7 Cosmic Blip III
A8 The Way She Walks (On The Moon)

B1 Cosmic Blip (Reprise)

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