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king gizzard and the lizard wizard

Flying Microtonal Banana Scorebook

Flying Microtonal Banana Scorebook

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Flying Microtonal Banana  - Volume 1 Book. Story, Scores & Tabs, arranged and transcribed for guitar by Tolgahan Çoğulu. 

Includes forwards from Tolgahan Çoğulu: Transcriber & Arranger, Zac Eccles (Designer/Luthier of The Flying Microtonal Banana), Jarvis Taveniere (Mixing engineer - Flying Microtonal Banana) and Stu Mackenzie

144 color pages alternating in matte and gloss paper, wrapped in a Lizard Skin textured soft cover with premium section sewn binding. This coffee table book includes photos from some of the loveliest photographers and friends. 

“It’s extraordinary that Tolgahan has transformed these songs into legitimate solo guitar pieces. You should hear him play them.. It sounds incredible. I hope you have fun with this book - we had fun making these songs!” Stu Mackenzie

Transcription & arrangement - Tolgahan Çoğulu

Original Artwork & Drawings - Jason Galea

Design & Layout - Jérémy Barrault

Photos - Izzie, Austin, Maclay Heriot, Jamie Wdziekonski, Zachary Williams & King Gizzard

Special thanks - Zac Eccles, Jarvis Taveniere, Maddy Murphy, Lulu Rae, Julia Wilson & Ella Jefferies. 

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