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Ultimate Crumbling Castle Demonstration Record (Jahbulon Records)

Ultimate Crumbling Castle Demonstration Record (Jahbulon Records)

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Look upon our condition, crumbling castle
You would not believe where I'm from, crumbling castle

Sitting as the crown jewel in King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s 12th studio album Polygondwanaland, Crumbling Castle hardly needs an introduction. The prog-psych epic is one of the band’s longest and most involved compositions, coming in at a staggering 10 minutes and 45 seconds. Complete with odd time signatures, interwoven instrumental passages, and cryptic lyrics — this track displays both the band’s creative stamina as writers and prowess as musicians. Dedication to craft must also be acknowledged, given that there any many instances of early versions of the song being performed and workshopped live before its commercial release in 2017.

The album available to you today, for the first time on vinyl, is a tribute to not only the studio masterpiece that Crumbling Castle is but also the ferocity of the Gizz’s live performances. This record contains the original studio album and three live versions of the track.


Compiled for the first time on vinyl

Mastered by Matthew Lutthans at The Mastering Lab

Pressed on 150g black vinyl at Quality Record Pressings

Gold-foil numbered, die-cut jacket with Obi

Packaged in a resealable plastic outer sleeve

Side A
1. Crumbling Castle (Studio Album Version)
2. Crumbling Castle (Live in Paris ‘19)

Side B
3. Crumbling Castle (Live in London ‘19)
4. Crumbling Castle (Live at Red Rocks ‘22)

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